Cahirmee Horse Fair

The Cahirmee Horse Fair is an annual event. It takes place on the 12th of July as a fixed date; no matter what day of the week it is. It is held in Buttevant / Cill na Mallach, just north from Cork City and Mallow on the N20. It is probalbly the oldest horse fair in Eire. It is that old that its origin is lost. Cahirmee Horse Fair is well recognised as a main event in horse trading.

On the 12th of July the main street is turned into a horse place. Numerous horses are brought in and tied to what ever pole is available with their owners awaiting trade close by. As you might have guessed by now the main street is closed for traffic on fair day. Traffic is diverted from the N20 through surrounding villages. Parking is a challenge on fair day. You'd either have to come very early and stay long or be a good a walker and park in some distance.

Look up the Buttevant town homepage for details: www.buttevant.ie/Cahirmee-Fair.html

The fact that I mainly show Irish Cobs, Show Ponies and Heavy Breads must not suggest that there would not other horses to be seen or sold at Cahirmee. Cahirmeen is an occasion for whatever from donkey to thoroughbred.

The 2012 Fair was drenched in rain.  

Despite of that it was a great day.

. . . . . The 2013 Fair had plenty of sunshine  

... and so was making up fully to the bad conditions of the preceding years.